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 Employees are the foundation for the success of the company, so we are always demanding on all levels as well as the communication skills of the staff.

Protection Services Co. Dawn BMC always pay attention to the training and re-training programs to improve education, professional services, experience ... for staff.
The training program will cover the history of the company, workplace culture, strategy, development tools, principles, the working order of the Company. Next is a specialized training program shall include:
* Virtue, honor guard and a sense of responsibility in the work of the security forces Binh Minh Co. BMC
* Communication skills, behavior in the work of professional security
* Rules, regulations & orders protection agency - now
* The provisions of the Vietnamese legal system relating to the protection of
* Knowledge of Health and aid to victims
* The command team and specified greeting while on duty.
* Professional protection under the type of target.
* Knowledge and skills in the prevention of fire and rescue and emergency evacuation in the typical objectives such as: factory, warehouse, supermarket, commercial complexes and buildings.
* Skill use and storage of equipment and tools support.
* The exercise, martial arts training, self-defense and hunting objects ...
After the layout work, every year the company organizes regular training courses at professional training to further enhance the professional skills of each employee for the purpose of giving customer satisfaction pleased at the highest level.



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