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 Protect fixed targets

Change depending on the particular characteristics of each company, factory, factories, warehouses, parking, hotels, office buildings, banks, houses, supermarkets, schools, etc.
1. Requirements:
- Based on the location and situation of production, the actual business of each company has its own requirements specific to security forces. But the purpose and general requirements of the Asian guard is to ensure security and safety for all activities of the company as well as dealing with customers convenient easy, everyone abuses cause cardiac disorder, theft, vandalism are detected to prevent and treat promptly.
- Apply the solution, the necessary measures and compliance with the law of Vietnam.
- All security guards Dawn BMC while on duty are polite, effort, enhance observation and cover the situation.
2. Tasks:
To achieve the required protection on the specific tasks of the company"s security guards THNH security services Binh Minh BMC:
- Prevent unauthorized infringement ruin, destruction of property theft or threaten the lives of officers and employees, working and living within the protected areas.
- Inspection and control (if allowed), facilities, goods and supplies brought into or out of the protected area.
- Prevention and timely detection of fire phenomenon to deal at the same time inform the agency promptly coordinated handling functions.
- Security guards 24/24 hours / day, do not leave the place unless a replacement.
- Prevent the illegal action.
- Do not allow anyone who does not have papers, suspicious signs, who do not follow the instructions of the security personnel in the Company. (Except for VIPS and the notice shall be exempt from this procedure).
Working time: 24/24gio/ngay, 07ngay/tuan, 365ngay/nam, regardless of holidays under labor law.

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